Working With Your Own Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are not uncommon, and are examples of what the medical professional call ‘anxiety disorders’. Would you be able to recognize the symptoms of a panic attack? No? Then let’s have a look at them so you may be able to recognize them. Mind you, people with some of these symptoms may not necessarily be suffering from panic attacks, so be careful and use your head.Panic Attack

  • Sweating: panic attacks can make people sweat. It can also cause cold sweats, or ‘clammy’ skin.
  • Increased heart rate. You can feel your own heart pound, but in another it’s not so obvious unless you check their pulse.
  • Palpitations: Again, you can feel it in yourself, but you will not see it in another person.
  • Trembling: panic attacks cause trembling and shaking. It’s natural.
  • Shortness of breath: a classic symptom. You feel as if you can’t breathe and in others you may see them gasping or with labored breathing.
  • Chest pain: pain and a tightening in the chest are not uncommon in a panic attack. Sufferers tend to hold their chest with one hand or both arms.
  • A choking sensation: you will feel your throat has swollen up making it not only difficult to breathe, but you will feel as though you are choking.
  • Many more, such as a fear of dying, feeling unreal (some people are unreal!), a tingling or numbness in your face and limbs and hot flashes.

Working With Your Anxiety

If you’re contemplating starting a panic attack treatment, then you should know you are not alone. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, around six million persons over the age of 18 suffer from these types of anxiety disorders each year (in the United States alone). Most of them are already searching for an effective treatment. Are you in the same process? Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today. In this article you will find the ten most important reasons why you ought to start your own panic attack treatment as soon as possible.

1) Without a right panic attack treatment, chances are your panic condition will not disappear.

The symptoms of this anxiety disorder are usually very scary, and without an effective panic attack treatment, you really risk losing your peace of mind. Perhaps you have been experiencing most of the following symptoms: Feelings of chocking. Chest discomfort. Sensations of shortness of breath. Sweating. Trembling. Nausea. Chills or hot flushes. Dizziness. Fears of losing your mind. Intense fears of dying. Can you relate to all this? Then you should start an effective treatment today: if you don’t, not only will your symptoms persist, but they may possibly start returning more frequently.

Actress demonstrating initial reactions of fea...2) The symptoms of panic tend to intensify the longer you postpone your treatment.

If you don’t find the proper panic attack treatment soon, your mind might begin to be attacked by intense, incapacitating fears of suffering yet another panic episode. Reasonably, this might make you feel not only very anxious, but very sad as well. The feeling of melancholy often worsens and turns into full-blown Major Depressive Disorders (the American Psychiatric Association estimates that depression takes place in 50-60% of those who experience panic attacks). Substance-related disorders are yet another probable complication, which stems from using alcohol and drugs as some distorted practice of self medication (supposedly meant to “control” your panic symptoms). Good news: if you begin your panic attack treatment as soon as possible, you reduce the chances of these unnecessary complications from ever happening to you.

3) Without the correct panic attack treatment, your panic symptoms might become disabling.

An important result of ignoring your panic attack treatment is the emergence of agoraphobia. As reported by the American Psychiatry Association, agoraphobia is an irrational fear of open spaces. As you start to suffer more and more panic episodes, your mind starts associating: (a) going out of your residence and (b) suffering yet another frightening panic attack. Your own residence then becomes not your prison, but your own dysfunctional “strategy” to avoid new panic episodes as well. Fact: the more you postpone undergoing your panic treatment, the bigger your probability of suffering from agoraphobia at some point.

4) The more you postpone your panic attack treatment, the more you and your loved ones will suffer.

Procrastinating your panic treatment isn’t a wise choice: your loved ones might become anxious (or even depressed) at some future point as well. Why? Give it some thought: How would you feel if somebody you love starts suffering from frequent panic episodes? Preoccupied, right? That’s exactly how your loved ones feel about your suffering. One more thing: if receiving the correct panic attack treatment is postponed long enough, loss or disruption of important interpersonal relationships (including divorce in some extreme cases) might become yet another undesirable outcome. The good news are: there’s still time to act preventively. Do yourself (and those you love) a big favor: get that panic attack treatment that you know you need so much today.Panic Attack

5) Fast and durable relief – The right panic attack treatment can do this for you.

You really need the relief that a good panic attack treatment can give you, and you want it as quickly as possible. And why not? This is one problem that needs to be solved promptly, for your own good (and that of your loved ones). Before things get worse. If proper treatment options are available, why tolerate those inconvenient symptoms for much longer than necessary?

There are many different procedures used by panic attack victims to reduce their anxiety level without medication. Everybody is different and what will help one person may do nothing at all for others. Studying and trying different ideas seems to be the best way of finding genuine help.

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