Treatments For Panic Attacks While Sleeping

Often panic attacks are among the most unpleasant experiences one can endure. A sudden gripping sense of terror is accompanied by racing heart, rapid breathing, sweats, chills–symptoms vary somewhat–a sense of unreality, and a fear of dying. Most panic attacks occur during the day while a person is awake. Some awaken the sufferer “out of nowhere” from sleep.

Attacks of panic at night often occur before going to sleep or after sleeping just a little. If you realized that you wake up hyperventilating and losing control of yourself accompanied by hot or cold flashes, with a burning sensation on the face or neck and sometimes tingling sensations, then you’re having a legitimate panic attack. There are also lots of cases when individuals see tunnel vision before waking up.

You need to realize first that you are awake and experiencing a panic attack at night. Although the attack can cause you to really be confused on what is happening, having a confused mind can increase the longevity or severity of the attack. It is very helpful that you are able to realize the attack when it is happening. Also, you need to limit your movements as long as it is happening. Stay on the bed, lying or sitting down. Extra movements can aggravate the confusion and the attack. To be able to refresh your body, try breathing deeply several times and consciously put your mind to relax by being positive. Wait for the panic attack to subside and work your way back to sleep. It can really make a difference to know how to deal with panic attack at night.

Athough many sufferers are prescribed Xanax to deal with panic attacks while sleeping, this should only be taken during an attack. In order to cure yourself of this affliction, you should actually try and deal with the root cause of your problems. Prescription medication will only ever deal with the symptoms and nothing else. They are not a cure! You can help yourself in many ways to overcome panic attacks while sleeping. This may include learning to meditate, which will help you to control your mind and thoughts whenever you feel stressed or anxious. Equally exercise is also a great way to deal with this.

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